Philadelphia Missions Trust

Named for the "open door" Church at Philadelphia in Asia Minor, written about by John in his Revelation (the last book of the Holy Bible), we are a fellowship of believers who decided the Gospel of Christ should not be published as "a business" but should be freely shared, by everyone and for everyone, not merely by those who went to seminary or bible school to make a profession of preaching for their financial livelihood. We are one in Christ. None is above another. We are brothers, equal in the eyes of God, and none of us receives compensation for our service to this ministry.

This website is dedicated to reveal to you, and all who will incline their hearts to know this greater Truth, the unlimited power Christ offers you for an unlimited life ... a life of equality, a life of true spiritual liberty, a life of glorious hopes fulfilled. The Life of Christ Jesus within you!

We believe "true religion and undefiled before the Father" is, as the scriptures teach, to care for the fatherless and widows, indeed for every soul who is lonely, broken, frightened, friendless, or abused ... not merely to visit a steepled building once-a-week to hear from the pulpit yet another message about how we should live our lives. Service is worship. Service to our neighbors and to the strangers in our midst. Service that shows our love. Service without being paid for our labors. Service that springs from the Christ who lives in our hearts ... and wants to live in yours!

We believe every man, woman, and child on this planet needs to know Jesus ... not just in an intellectual way, not in the technicalities of theology nor merely in the stories we learn in our Bibles, but intimately, internally, experientially, and in concert with other believers who have the liberty of sharing their faith as equals in the Church that has no walls, no denominational titles, no need for employees who are paid to perform the duties all of us are called to by His Inner Voice.

To this end we offer Philadelphia Missions Trust, a church of "brotherly love", an association of local ministries managed and supported entirely by volunteers. We are not organized under 501(c)(3) restrictions other "churches" elect to follow so they may obtain favorable tax status. We are organized and hold property as a church, recognized under federal law as such, for the service of our Lord through the mechanism of common law trusts, free from the constraint of any government, free to influence legislation for our Lord, free to encourage people to vote for worthy candidates for public office, and free to distribute your tithes and offerings to those in need and not to church leaders. No Philadelphian receives any compensation whatsoever for serving.

To learn more about the trust form of owning and managing property in the Name of Christ free from the constraints imposed on organizations that elect to use the 501(c)(3) restrictions, click the following link and read our Declaration of Trust.

The Philadelphia Trust Declaration.

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