The Mystery  

Fear No More
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The Gospel Mystery

The Apostle Paul writes to the Galatian church, “I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me!"

He writes to the Colosian church, "God has made me a minister to preach the Mystery that has been hid from ages and from generations but now is revealed. The Mystery of the Gospel is Christ in you. This I preach so your hearts may be knit together in love and understanding, as you acknowledge this Mystery that is your only hope for life eternal."

Jesus prayed to our Father, "The glory you have given me I give to all who will love me, that they may be one. You in me, and I in them."

This is the truth that makes all of us brothers and sisters, uniting us with other faiths as well, though not as perfectly as we will yet see when more of you discover the Mystery within your own hearts!

As we embark on this wonderful journey of self-examination, discovery, and power, we read what Paul wrote to the Philipian church, "It is God who works in you, both to give you the desire to do those things that please Him and also to do them." This is taught by other faiths but lost on most Christians who do not yet know the Mystery that waits to be discovered within their own hearts ... God is waiting for you to find Him within the Mystery!

"Where is boasting, then?" Paul asks the church at Rome. "It is exluded." Ego fades away. Desire for earthly things subsides. Hate disappears altogether. All by the Mysterious Gift of God's "glance of grace" ... His choice, not yours.

Do you continue your battles or rest in the Mystery that is already working withing you?

Your answer decides your future: more failure and frustration or freedom and life eternal.

Here is the Mystery Christ died to reveal within you.

God within you, unlimited power for unlimited life today and forever.

Jesus said, “No one puts new wine in an old wineskin, lest the wineskin breaks and both are lost.” New wine is freshly pressed juice that bubbles off gas when it ferments. As that gas expands it presses against the walls of its container. If the container is an old, worn wineskin, the expanding gas will burst the wineskin, and the wine will be lost along with the container. Do you desire the New Wine of the Mystery, the power for eternal life that's been hidden from you too long already? If so, do not try to add it to your old wineskin of pre-conceived religious notions or the dividing doctrines of any denomination. Let the Mystery within you destroy the fear of death and fill you now with the life that never ends.

You have too long embraced the worn-out doctrines of man-made churches, blind to the power of God within you, working to change your will, deciding your destiny while you rebel by trying to change your destiny by clinging to lies.

Too long has God been an “exterior person” somewhere “up there”, when all these years He has been dwelling within you, waiting to give you the Life that never ends ... the Life you miss by continuing to drink the poison of pride and seeking to hold onto that which can never be held.

The only good in you is God alone. To deny this is to refuse eternal life!

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Mystery Revealed

Our little book tells you about the Mystery revealed by Christ's Gospel to all who will seek to find. The Mystery has been hidden from the ages, as the Apostle Paul warns in his many letters to the Churches of his time.

Why have men hidden the power of the Mystery? Answer this question and discover the lie that keeps the world in darkness still.

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